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3 Questions to Ask a Potential Home Remodeling Contractor

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If youre thinking of launching a home remodeling project, you have a lot of things to consider: how much can you spend?, what area of your home do you want to remodel?, how quickly do you want the project done?, and which contractor should you hire to handle the project?

As it relates to the last question, finding the right contractor for your home remodeling project can be a little tricky. For this reason, we???re providing a list of 3 questions to ask potential contractors before you decide which one to hire. With the information you receive from these questions, you should be able to make an informed decision that ultimately leads to a satisfactory outcome to your project.


  1. What is your expertise? Depending on the area of the home you wish to remodel, this question will help you find a contractor properly suited to your needs. Some contractors specialize in kitchen remodeling while others focus on siding installation. Make sure the contractor you hire has a wealth of experience in projects similar to your own.
  2. What are your credentials? You don???t want to hire just any old Joe off the street to handle your home improvement project. One way to ensure you???re working with a reputable contractor is to check their credentials. Make sure the contractor is licensed within your state. Also, check out their Better Business Bureau rating, and feel free to do some search around on Google to find out what others think of your contractor???s work.
  3. Can I contact your former clients? This is one of the most important questions to ask. After all, only a contractor???s past clients can provide you with the true story of how qualified the contractor is for the job at hand. Get in touch with past clients to find out if they were satisfied with the contractor???s work. Ask them if they have any complaints from their experience.

The more you know before you hire a contractor, the better.