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Ideas: Bathroom Remodeling Photos

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Bathroom Remodeling Pictures, Design & Planning Ideas

So many styles and choices the possibilities are endless! Once you browse this picture portfolio for Bathroom Remodeling ideas, Find a great local contractor on to help make your bathroom beautiful and relaxing!

bathroom remodeling design tub image 2

This old style bathroom is brought to life with a light and airy sea mist paint. The lower half of the wall uses beadboard style paneling, painted white to create a perfect contrast in the room. The tubs yellow sides are accented throughout the bathroom with subtle yellow accessories! This bathroom remodeling project transformed a dark and outdated bathroom into a modern retreat!

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bathroom remodeling design tile image 3

Add some style to your bathroom with colorful tile countertops and unique sinks. With a traditional feel this bathroom design is complete with double sinks, shower and bath. The use of the large mirror over the sinks, makes the bathroom seem much bigger. Because tile comes in almost any color and design you can image, it is a great choice for countertops.


bathroom remodeling planning jacuzzi tub image 4

Want to add a jacuzzi tub in your bathroom remodeling project, but lack the space? This bathroom is not exceptionally large, but by placing the tub up against a portion of of the cabinets, it fits wonderfully. The drawers that are still accessable can hold wash clothes, soaps, bubble bath and anything else that you want easy access to while in the bath.

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bathroom remodeling contractor lighting image 5

This beautiful bathroom uses earthtones to create a calming retreat. The skylight allows for plenty of natural light making it bright and crisp. Lighting is an important aspect to consider when you are in the bathroom remodeling planning stages and a skylight, recessed lighting over the tub, windows and other light fixtures are a huge part of the mood your color selection creates.


luxury bathroom jacuzzi tub





Red is the color of passion and add a royal splash of color to this luxury bathroom withcorner jacuzzi tub.






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spa bathroom with columns





Framing your bathtub between columns to make a private bathing area adds luxury to your bathroom and gives you an extra sense of comfort while relaxing in the tub.







spa bathroom roman columns

Another example of columns used to create a seperate space for relaxing in a soaking bath after a long day's work.


spa bathtub

Natural stone is often used in building professional spas. Bringing marble tiles into your bathroom design can help you create your own personal spa in your home. This spa bathtub uses a reddish color marble tile to achieve the luxury spa look and feel.


luxury marble bathroom

Another luxury bathroom that uses beautiful archways to divide the different spaces of the room. The marble and accent tiles make a distinctive design.

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calming spa bathroom

Color selection is important when creating a spa bathroom. Neutral earthtones are the best to achieve a calming space for yourself and your family.


luxury bathroom round tub

Like the neutral look of a spa bathroom but want to add a little of your own style. This beautiful luxury bathroom has unique window coverings to bring some of the owners personal style without detracting from the overall look and feel.


bathroom remodeling design modern

Remodeling a small bathroom? Smaller bathrooms can achieve the same styles as larger bathroom with a little work. This bathroom remodeling contractor took an ordinary single sink countertop and average bathroom and gave it a modern retro look. The entire bathroom walls, countertop, etc, are tile. The sink and mirror complete the bathrooms look. Careful bathroom remodeling planning and design can turn almost any size bathroom into something you can be proud of.


bathroom remodeling contractor stone image 7

This earthy oasis uses beautiful stone work around the jacuzzi tub. A bathroom remodeling contractor can create this look by using natural stones. This particular bathroom used limestone (the white stone) which is not an expensive stone and granite (the black stone) to top of the surfaces where someone would step or sit. By using a less expensive stone with a more expensive stone this type of project becomes more reasonable, and gives a great color contrast!


bathroom remodeling design modern image 8

This contemporary bathroom remodeling design gives plenty of space in the bathroom. With a five-piece bathroom to include: double sinks, tub, seperate shower and toilet area, two people can easily get ready in the morning without stepping all over each other!


small bathroom remodeling project paint image 9

Want to breathe new life into your bathroom on a budget? Bathroom remodeling doesn't have to take thousands of dollars and weeks of work. If your bathroom just needs a little lift, consider painting, replacing light fixtures and accessorizing. For a couple hundred dollars you can have a whole new bathroom. If you don't have time to do-it-yourself, consider hiring a painting contractor to paint you bathroom, then accessorize it yourself !


bathroom remodeling design decorative tile image 10





So you have a traditional bathroom with tub and shower and want to spice it up. This bathroom remodeling project used decorative tiles to add a touch of luxury to an otherwise plain tub & shower. You can also use fancy shower curtains with tie backs to create a more elegant look.






bathroom remodeling design flooring image 11




The beauty of hardwood flooring makes this bathroom warm and inviting. Glass blocks are used as the window material of choice. This is often a popular choice when planning a bathroom remodel because of the natural light it allows in while giving you plenty of privacy.








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