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Bathroom Remodeling - Designs, Ideas and Photos

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classic bathtubLets be honest.  Everyone at one point or another has gone into their bathroom and has wanted to rip the towel racks off the walls just for some sort of change.  Ideas of beautiful bathrooms are certainly had by a majority of homeowners.  These days anything is possible with an experience contractor working for you.  The possibilities are endless when it comes to renovating or completely remodeling your home’s bathroom, so sometimes the toughest part is deciding on exactly how you want this new room to look.

The first step is to choose a design theme.  Are you looking for more of a modern look?  Old country feel?  Dark woods contrasted by light walls?  Figure out what the feel or general theme of your bathroom will be and then work in from there.

jacuzzi tubChoose a focal point for your bathroom and stick with it.  An infinity jacuzzi tub maybe?  A gorgeous double vanity, or a beautifully tiled walk-in shower perhaps?  Work with an experienced bathroom remodeling company to properly design this focal point and then place other key elements in spots which will accenting it accordingly.

From here you’re getting down to smaller details.  Choose faucets, shower heads, door rails, hardware, towel bars and door knobs which match your theme but can also help bring attention to areas which are lacking.  Choose a type and sheen of metal to use and stick with it.  Decide on wall colors, keeping accent walls in mind.  Finding great artwork to accent your new bathroom really makes the difference.  Look for framed paintings and prints which help bring out your accent colors, as well as standing or wall mounted sculptures to help bring depth to your newly remodeled basement.

modern bathroomA great way to get your brain moving is by simply checking out examples of and photos of bathroom remodeling projects.  These great bathroom ideas will help you decide what you want to incorporate in your new bathroom.

Find more Bathroom Remodeling Design Ideas and Photos by browsing the web.  Also ask for quite a few sample project photos from every remodeling contractor that you speak with about your new bathroom remodeling project.  Every bathroom remodeling idea can help you with designing the perfect bathroom for your home.  Because a new bathroom typically has quite a bit of cost assocaited with it, take your time and be sure your new room turns out exactly as you’ve imagined!