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Creating Space in a Small Kitchen

Tags: Kitchen Remodeling, Home Improvement

Are you living in a home with a small kitchen? Are you desperately looking for ways to make this space seem bigger and more inviting? I recently came across a blog post that offers several suggestions for creating the illusion of more space in a kitchen.

  • Lighting – The lighting in a kitchen is a detail that is often overlooked, yet it can have a huge impact on how the space appears. Task lighting and under cabinet lighting are two ways to add extra lighting in your kitchen while also showcasing some of the details in the space. Natural light from replacement windows is another way to make your kitchen look more open and bring a little bit of the outdoors in.
  • Paint – Lighter rooms will generally feel much larger. Keep this in mind when choosing paint colors for the walls in your kitchen and for your kitchen cabinets, if you choose to paint them as well. Go with light blues, greens and yellows on the walls for a light and airy feel.
  • Details – The smallest details can make a big difference on how large or small a kitchen feels. Glass front cabinets and patterned backsplashes are stylish and can make the space appear more open. The way the flooring is installed also plays a role, such as making the room looking more expansive just by choosing larger tiles.

Keep these elements in mind if you are taking on a kitchen remodeling project in a smaller space.