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Tips: New Doors and Entryways Make a Big Difference

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New Doors and Entryways Make a Big Difference

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Your entryway and exterior house doors are more than just a means of securing your home and possessions.  As homeowners, we often expend so much of our time and money on furnishing and decorating the interior of our home, creating just the right style to reflect our personality, that we forget about the feeling and style that our door and entryway gives our guest when first entering our home.  As attached garages have become more of the status quo in recent years, the front door has become more overlooked than ever.

Good entrances shelter and welcome visitors.  They can introduce the interior design and style of our home to our neighbors and our guest.  Therefore buying a new door becomes more than just a question of security and longevity of the doors composition against the elements.  The real question is, does the entrance to your home reflect your personality and style?

There are many choices when selecting a new door and can be an affordable way to take an otherwise boring exterior design and really spruce things up.  In the modern day, of cookie-cutter suburban homes, giving your home character that sets it apart is a challenge.  The most common of these homes are:

  • Ranches – single story, low profile homes, the most basic of which have a single line roofs
  • Foursquares – much like the name, these homes are usually a 2 or 2 ½ -story, square boxes with a pyramidal hipped roof
  • Builders’ Colonials – are rectangular boxes with gabled roofs and little ornamentation on the exterior
  • Cape Cods – Often remembered as starter homes, these compact houses are generally 1 or 1 ½ stories with end-gabled roofs and symmetrical placement of windows and doorways.

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But just because you didn’t buy the old Victorian fixer-upper doesn’t mean you can’t have a home with style! Each can be transformed from bland to grand with a simple change to the entryway and doors.

Below are pictures of different doors and entryways throughout history.  At first it may be hard to envision your modern home with one of these entryways or doors, but we suggest taking a picture of your homes exterior and then viewing these porch additions, exterior house doors and shutters alongside pictures of your home.  Some porch additions may require excavation and roofing changes, while other changes are simply cosmetic.  To whatever extent you are considering transforming the style of your home; it will be well worth it when your home’s exterior finally matches the interior and your personal style. 

View Picture Samples of Doors

This Cape Cod style home has the added flair on the exterior with shutters, covered porch and sidelights by the front door, giving it a more Colonial Cape style.

This Ranch style home has the traditional one-story layout with the added Federal style entrance with tracery fanlight and sidelights on each side of the door.

This classic Builders’ Colonial home, identified by its two-story rectangular shape has been spruced up with a Georgian entryway with an elliptical fanlight over the door and shutters on the windows.

These are just a few examples of new doors, entryways and other minor renovations that can change the entire look of your home.

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