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Tips: Make Your Home Energy Efficient This Winter

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Make Your Home Energy Efficient This Winter

Energy Efficiency during the winter months can be achieved with these Smart Home Improvement Ideas

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Every homeowner, even one with a brand new home, is thinking about how they can continue to update their home. With the recent emphasis on greener living and more energy efficient methods for building homes, it only makes sense that energy efficient home improvement ideas are on a lot of people’s minds right now. Especially as the season starts to turn colder and the winter months come. Keeping heating bills down and maximizing the energy efficiency of one’s home becomes more and more important this season.  If you want to improve your home, as well as improve its energy usage, take a look at some of these ideas.  Your chosen contractor shouldn’t have any trouble helping you plan your energy related improvements.

Easy Energy Efficiency for Any Homeowner

One thing you can do to use less energy this winter doesn’t require the use of a contractor.  Consider switching all of your light bulbs to the popular compact fluorescent version.  They actually use between 70 and 75 percent less energy than the regular light bulbs we are all accustomed to.  Another energy efficient winter home improvement idea to try out is to use cold water when possible in your laundry. By not using energy to heat water for your laundry, you are saving that energy. In fact, simply turning down the maximum temperature on your water heater can make a vast improvement to your energy efficiency as well.  These small changes are easy, but you’ll be making a big impact.

Larger Projects for Bigger Energy Saving Results

Of course, there is energy efficient winter home improvement ideas to think about that are more complex than screwing in a light bulb.  One word could save you both energy and money: Insulation. Having a professional contractor come to your home to inspect your insulation can be a priceless endeavor. By checking where energy escapes from your home, and sealing and insulating these spaces your home can keep heat in and not have to expel as much energy to keep it heated. Any contractor should know the common insulation trouble spots in your home (around windows, in the attic, around doors, duct work) and will be able to bring the correct materials to insulate them properly.

Solar panels are getting a lot of attention recently.  Home solar panels are used to limit how much energy your home uses from the utility company and help you produce your own power.  How effectively solar panels will heat your home will depend on the region you live in.  Some models can be placed anywhere the sun hits most consistently in your yard, or roof.  Many homeowners appreciate the convenience and almost nonexistent maintenance that goes along with solar panels.

While we are on the subject of roofs and putting things on them, your roof’s condition can have a lot to do with how much energy your home uses.  Have a contractor come out and do an inspection. If he or she finds any problems, be sure to have them corrected as soon as possible.

Consult a Local Contractor for More Advice on Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency projects for the coming winter can be large or small, or anywhere in between. No matter what budget you have, there is a project that can help make your home a more efficient system. For more ideas, or help deciding what projects will be best for your home, consult a local contractor, and find the best specialists with Fix The Home’s online contractor referral service. Get your energy efficiency projects started now so your home will be ready for any weather this winter.

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