Capital City Landscaping

1002 West 17th Street
Cheyenne, Wyoming, 82001

The first step in the “Creation Process” is to set up an appointment that is convenient for you. On this appointment we can discuss your needs and wants. We will identify the problem areas and things that need to be done. Then we will address the fun part: your wants. This is when we can share ideas, discuss designs, and whatever you want. As we walk around the future “Piece of Paradise” we can visualize the new landscape and how things will get done. After we have brainstormed together, our designer will repeat the items you want done in order of importance. This helps everyone to be clear on what will happen. Don’t worry about trying to tell us everything all at once either. If you want to search out some ideas for your yard, that’s great! Look around town, online, books, magazines, TV shows, anything. Let us know your ideas and we will figure out the best way to use it in your yard. Sorry, palm trees and orange trees don’t grow well here. But we can use our imagination.



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