Langenwalter Carpet & Dyeing

1179 So. Kittredge St
Aurora, CO, 80017

We are a Small Owner/Operator Carpet Cleaning Business. Langenwalter Carpet Dyeing of Littleton/Englewood provides expert carpet cleaning and dyeing services to keep your carpet looking great!

contractor logo Langenwalter Carpet Dyeing of Littleton/Englewood provides Expert carpet Cleaning and Dyeing Services to keep your carpet looking great! We are a locally owned and operated franchise! We are committed to professional service and quality. We stand behind our work! We can help you with the following carpet problems: -- House cleaning and other chemicals can cause bleach spots -- Wine, punch and other colored drinks that cause red colored stains --Beauty products and hair dye can cause dark spots --Children's markers, ink, wax, rust, furniture marks can make permanent discolorations Color Dyeing Whether restoring original color after removing stains from bleach, pets, blood, rust, burns or grease, or revitalizing faded color, or changing color completely, the proven Langenwalter method involves a unique hot liquid dye process which ensures that color is permanent and uniform. Our expert technicians use only our proprietary Langenwalter dye formulas, know to be technologically superior to all others. That's why we are headquarters for Carpet Color Correction® Our dyes are remarkably strong, clear coloring agents precisely engineered to give new life and amazing vibrancy to all types of carpeting. The color application is as permanent as the color applied at the carpet mill. Above all we do quality cleaning and service, Our goal is to keep you coming back! Give us a call for any carpet problems.



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