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For nearly 20 years the name Sherrick Construction has been synonymous with quality concrete construction in Denver, Colorado. We also offer foundation stabilization and restoration services...

contractor logo For nearly 20 years the name Sherrick Construction has been synonymous with quality concrete construction in Denver, Colorado. We also offer foundation stabilization and restoration services. The Sherrick Quality Promise assures you of * A prepped, tamped, and reinforced foundation * Never less than 5 inches of concrete * The same crew, start to finish * Color, shape, and stamping options * No hidden costs * No payment until the job is complete * A licensed and insured crew Services: * Driveways and Sidewalks -- We always use a minimum of five inches of wire-reinforced concrete for home driveways. If you use your driveway to park RVs, trailers, or large SUVs, we recommend a six-inches of concrete. Thicker concrete will hold up better and is less prone to cracking. When it comes to sidewalks, they don't always have to be straight and grey. This is your opportunity to be creative and enhance the curb appeal of your home. Consider curves to accent your landscape, bay windows, or entryway, or colored concrete to match or contrast with your home. We can stamp and color concrete to add the look of natural flagstone, brick, slate or cobblestone. * Patios -- Here is your chance to make a statement with concrete with your patio. Choose a colored concrete or use exposed aggregate or a distinctive shape. We will help you design a patio that compliments the architecture of your house and the landscape of your yard. * Retaining Walls -- A retaining wall not only adds to the beauty of your property, but often makes yard care easier by eliminating a difficult place to mow or grow grass or plantings. We can help you plan your retaining wall to take advantage of the natural terrain and layout of your yard. * Stamped Concrete -- Stamped concrete is a durable, long-lasting, decorative way to enhance the look of any patio, sidewalk, or driveway. Stamped concrete adds beauty and value to residential and commercial properties. Create the look of slate, brick, cobblestone, tile, or flagstone with our wide array of colors and patterns at a cost far less than natural stone. * Exposed Aggregate -- Exposing the aggregate in your concrete is one of the simplest way to make your driveway, sidewalk or patio standout. Combined with a color it is especially unique and is sure to bring you compliments from your friends and neighbors. We have years of experience and have developed techniques to ensure your exposed aggregate will enhance your property for many years. * Brickwork -- There is nothing nicer than well laid brick and nothing worse than when it is done wrong. We pride ourselves with having excellent bricklayers on staff who will provide you the classic look of brick that will please you for years to come and add value to your home. * Flagstone -- Flagstone is native to Colorado and it is an excellent material to use for patios, sidewalks, entryways, flower boxes or columns. Whether you want a random design or cut squares, we can satisfy your dream of having Colorado flagstone adorn your home. * Foundation Reinforcement -- Unstable soils can cause foundation problems. Separated or cracked drywall, sticking windows and doors, cracked brick or uneven floors are symptoms of a damaged foundation. As an authorized dealer of Magnum Piering, we can stabilize and restore your home's foundation. We will make an on-site appointment. We will be happy to assess the damage to your home's foundation and explain the patented Magnum Piering solution. Read what our Customers have to say!!! "You did an excellent job and there was great teamwork by the entire crew. They were focused to ensure that the job was accomplished correctly." - Bill from Lakewood " The driveway is beautiful! The crew was punctual, pleasant, and thoughtful. Thank you very much for the great work you did." - Jane from Denver "From the mailman to neighbors to relatives, all have commented on how great our exposed aggregate patio looks." - Don from Wheat Ridge " Our new stamped-concrete entryway has added a look of real elegance to our home." - Leslie, Littleton "I feel good every day I look at our entryway knowing that we made the right decision to use Sherrick Construction." - Michael from Lakewood "The brick column mailbox you made for us was the crowning touch to the beautiful flagstone colored driveway you created." - George from Littleton Frequently Asked Questions?: Q: Will our lawn and shrubs be damaged when you pour our new driveway? A: No damage will occur. We are very careful and respectful of personal property. After the forms are removed a planter's mix is used to fill the gaps between the new concrete and the lawn. All construction materials are removed the entire area cleaned and returned to its original condition. Q: How will it take for you to pour my new driveway? A: The average 16' x 50' driveway project takes only two days from tear-out to finish. Q: What are the advantages of a concrete driveway over an asphalt one? A: Concrete offers a much longer lasting, lower maintenance surface than asphalt. It is also a looks better and provides many decorative options such as color and swirling. Q: How does Sherrick Construction guarantee its work? A: We guarantee the concrete surface from flaking and spalling for one year. Cracking cannot be guaranteed due to the variety of soil conditions in Colorado; however, we have developed techniques that minimize shrinkage cracking and we place control joints in the concrete to minimize stress on the concrete. Q: I have a sprinkler system. How do I avoid your damaging my sprinkler heads? A: To eliminate the possibility of damage, we recommend that you flag all sprinkler heads in the construction area. Q: How soon can I drive on my new driveway? A: Seven days after a 6" thick driveway is poured and up to ten days after a 5" thick driveway is poured. Q: How often should I seal my driveway? A: Your driveway should be sealed every three to four years. We can do it for you or recommend a professional product and application instructions. Q: I want to use colored concrete. What can I expect as far as the maintenance? A: Lighter colors require less maintenance. We recommend you reseal the concrete every three years to keep the color bright and consistent. Q: Do you use subcontractors? A: We have a fulltime crew and we do not use subcontractors. This allows us to provide the same quality service to all our customers.



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