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BDS is a full service Architectural, Design and Engineering firm ready to service your needs. From Homeowners Associations to required building permits we can help!

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We do it all for you

We don't tell you what to build, we listen and give you options to help you realize your dream. We are educators. We give you the best information so you can make the best choices for you.

Design, Engineering, Surveying, Soils reports, Homeowners associations, and Building Departments are just a few of the areas we will take care of for you in the process of getting your project completed. We will also select a builder and oversee the construction if you would like.


Let building Design and Services help you design your dream home.
We are educators and students in the art of architecture. One way we do this is with 3d computer design software. As I am designing the floor plan the computer is developing a 3d model. I don't draw lines and circles anymore. I design objects, like walls, windows, doors and roofs. Each object can be changed by changing its definition. That will change the 3d model as well as the floor plan, so you can instantly see how the change has effected the design in 3d.

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BDS step by step process of Architectural Design

1. The first phone call. Some of the topics we cover in the first phone call are: Cost of construction, zoning, design cost, engineering cost, surveys, soils reports, time schedules.

2. If the first call goes well we set up a meeting. If the job is an addition or remodel we charge $120 for this meeting. We will look at your home for any structural difficulties we may encounter with the addition, the type of existing construction, the site, the roof and how the new addition will tie in and, of course, ideas for the floor plan. We will make suggestions for improvement and design. We will give you some numbers for the cost of construction based on your ideas. That way you will end up with one of 2 plans after the meeting is done. 1. I can do this project at a price I can afford, or 2. We can't do what we would like to and we need to make other arrangements, like move to another home or save till we can afford a different plan.

If the job is a new home, I often ask the customer to come to this meeting with some hard copies of their ideas (pictures of homes or features of homes). Many have a home somewhere they love and want to emulate. Take a picture of it and be prepared to discuss why you like this home or feature. Also, an ILC or land survey is important early in the design process.

3. Now the preliminary design stage starts in earnest. I start my 3-3-2-1 processes. What that means is I will take all the information I have gathered from you and come up with a design I think you want. It doesn't matter if I like it or not. I will give you what you want. Then I do another design that is a modification of that design that I think is better. Then I also do another design that I think will stretch your imagination and get you thinking in other directions you haven't thought of before. That is the first "3". We meet and discuss these drawings. You will take some time to digest them and we will meet or discuss why you like or dislike this or that. Why you dislike a feature is as important to me as why you like others. I will then take this information and do 3 more drawing just as mentioned above. That is the second "3". Then most of the time I can get down to "2" drawings, then the final "1".

4. At this point we will start engineering. I will ask you to sign a copy of the floor plan before engineering starts, because if you make further changes in the structure it may cause some or all of the engineering work to be useless. It will need to be redone. We will gladly do it, but there may be additional cost. Small changes not of a structural nature are no problem right up to the final printing.
Engineering includes: Foundation, floor framing, roof framing, notes and details.

5. Material specifications are not a normal part of our service. I find most people don't use them in the end and they are a waste of money. I will be more then glad to assist you with specifying products for special features. What I suggest customers do in order to get a good price from contractors is to specify allowances for different parts of the project. Example: Cabinet allotment $15,000.00, sinks $5000.00, flooring $20,000.00 etc. I can make suggestions for these figures if you like. This way, when you put the project out to bid, each contractor is bidding on the same thing. Just be aware that the more time and effort you put into the accuracy of these allotments, the closer the bid will be to reality.

6. The drawing will be printed and stamped by the engineer and delivered to you, ready to go to the building department for permits. We make every effort to give you all the drawings you will need to get your permits, but on occasion, the building department may want more detail. If it's just a couple of hours work, I normally don't charge anything extra. This rarely happens.



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