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Commerce City, CO, 80022

At American Home Source we can offer innovative solutions to building your dream home faster and cheaper. With our Panelized Home system, over 100 floor plans and your ability to customize your home - you will be satisfied!

contractor logo There are many panelized home dealers but we offer superior pricing, products and customer service over our competition. What are the benefits of using a panelized building system? In a few words : You will have a better built home in less time. Here's why: Climate Controlled Production The major components of the home, the roof, floor and walls, are manufactured in climate-controlled factories, keeping the wood from the elements of nature. The result: Dryer lumber means less warping, shrinking, twisting, rotting or swelling.
  • Walls will be straighter.
  • You'll have fewer nail-pops, ceiling or corner cracks
  • Windows and doors fit better, they won't stick and will need fewer adjustments 1. Cost Savings
  • Less labor required to put the structure up
  • Shorter construction time frame
  • Guaranteed price up front; there are no costly overruns
  • Less cleanup cost at the job-site
  • Less material waste
  • Less job-site theft; it's hard to steal a wall panel
  • 2. Excellent Quality
  • All components are manufactured to strict building standards & codes, and thoroughly inspected every step of the way
  • State of the art computerized equipment ensure precision-built components
  • Even the most complex roof systems can be handled with ease
  • Years of buying experience gets you the best quality and value in windows, doors, hardware
  • Better built looks better in the long run, and holds its value better
  • 3. Less home-builder stress
  • The major work is completed before the package arrives at your job site
  • Fewer contractors to deal with
  • Faster move-in date
  • Easier time attaining bank draws
  • Less time spent shopping around
  • Fewer costly delays caused by weather, sub-trades, etc.
  • A cleaner job site is a safer job site
  • Our professional panelized advisors are more than happy to answer any questions you have. Please feel free to give us a call or send us an e-mail to get your questions answered. Our team can help you from the very beginning of the building process. From finding the perfect piece of land to getting the best construction loan program to selecting the right windows and doors, American Home Source is there for you.
    Give us a call today and start building your Dreams! 303-287-6841



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