American Standard Foundation Repair

11115 Fox Brook Lane
Knoxville, TN, 37932

American Standard Foundation Repair is a full service foundation repair company specializing in the prevention, repair and restoration of foundation damage and its effects on your home. We repair both concrete slab and conventional beam and joist homes. American Standard Foundation Repair prides itself in the proper diagnosis of the cause of foundation failure. Only by understanding the cause of a failure, can we hope to prevent it from occurring again.

We give free estimates that are performed by Certified Foundation Repair Specialist who are trained to recognize both the obvious and obscure causes of foundation failure. After we diagnose your foundation issue, you will receive a Repair Plan Diagram that addresses the immediate cause of the foundation failure, preventive measures that decrease the chances of this happening again as well as restorative measures that can put your home back to its original state.When you call American Standard Foundation Repair, our team of Certified Foundation Repair Specialists will come to your home and perform a 15- Point Foundation Assessment. We will analyze the problem, diagnose structural and cosmetic issues, perform tests necessary to confirm issues, recommend reputable structural and/or geotechnical engineers if necessary, and prescribe a plan of action that will remedy your foundation’s ailments.



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