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Ideas: Fence Design and Photos

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Fence Design & Ideas

There are so many options when it comes to a fence for your home. Whether you are looking for privacy, decoration or just something to mark the boundaries of your property, there is a fence for you. Browse through these fence pictures to get ideas:

building a fence cartoon



Privacy Fence


traditional wooden privacy fence pic1

The traditional wooden privacy fence is a great way to boundary off your yard. This fence is particularly popular for those with young children as it creates a safer backyard to play in, escpecially in suburban America where houses are often built very close together with little privacy.

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wooden privacy fence pic2




This is another type of wood privacy fence that provides a little more style. The spacing allows for vining plants to grow on the fence and can great a private garden area in your backyard.






bamboo privacy fence




Want privacy with a style? Bamboo can create a unique privacy fence that adds a different texture and element to your landscape design.








decorative privacy fence


This decorative privacy fence, takes the traditional wooden privacy fence to a whole new level. With the V-shaped lattice design imbedded in the fence, this fence becomes a completely custom part of the home's style and design.

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Split Rail Fence


split rail fence

If you have a great view or just enjoy the open space, the split rail fence is a popular choice for many homeowners. The split rail does have a more rustic look, but depending on what material you use, it can be almost any style you want.


bamboo split rail fence



This bamboo split rail fence provides a very open style without the traditional rustic look of the split rail fence.





* Split rail fences are also good for uneven or rocky ground.


Buck and Rail Fence


buck and rail fence

The Buck and Rail Fence is mainly used for large open area land. This fence allows small animals to pass, while maintaining boundaries for larger animals and livestock. The buck and rail fence is also an excellent choice for rocky and uneven ground.

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Picket Fence


decorative white picket fence

The white picket fence is a traditional fence, with a dollhouse appeal. The above picket fence provides a little extra privacy with the extra would wood strips between the pickets.


white picket fence

Another example of the white picket fence. This type of fence provides the perfect background for beautiful flowers and gardens.


white picket fence pic2





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 white picket fence pic3



White picket fences can go with almost any style of home, as seen above.




Iron Fence


black iron fence

Iron fences can add both security and privacy without blocking the view. The iron fence above is a very simple design that does not detract from the granduer of the home.


decorative wrought iron fence




A more ornate version of the iron fence pictured here, combines a very strong and traditional look that is almost regal.





decorative iron fence





The heart shaped whimsical pattern of this iron fence softens the look of iron while maintaining the long lasting benefits of iron and the added security.





old decorative iron fence





Iron fences can be very detailed and ornate. Enhancing the appearance of any property.






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Decorative Fence


ornate white fence and gate




This decorative fence and gate creates a boundary for the property without blocking the view, and is a great way to create a garden oasis with vining plants.






ornate wood carved fence



Fancy, decorative railing on the front porch can be perfect for a Victorian style house or a cute cottage.




lattice work fence




Another example of a decorative lattice work fence that provides a great trellis and some privacy.




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