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Ideas: Spa & Hot Tub Design & Photos

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Spa & Hot Tub Design & Ideas

Are you ready to relax and unwind in the comfort of your own home? With the stress of everyday life, the health and mental benefits of water, and the ability to completely relax is truly priceless. Browse our picture portfolio of Spas & Hot Tubs below, to get some great design ideas for your peaceful oasis!

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Patio Spa with Rocks

Wow! A beautiful rock waterfall flowing into an in-ground hot tub creates the perfect backyard oasis to soak your cares away. The rock flagstone patio and path complements the hot tub design and style.


In Ground Spa

A different style of in-ground hot tub - this square hot tub has rounded rock work steps leading up to it. Under four pillars and a lattice work canopy the vining plants that will work their way up the pillars will create a picture perfect spot to rest and relax.  Designs like this can be extremely customizable, working with your home perfectly.

*Tip: Be careful when using tile around your hot tub as it can be extremely slippery when wet

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above ground jacuzzi hot tub





This above-ground jacuzzi hot tub with wooden surround and wooden steps, is well incorporated into the landscape and sits on a rock patio.





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wooden jacuzzi spa

This more traditional jacuzzi hot tub has a beautiful blue marblized liner. A screened in porch is a great place for a hot tub especially in colder climates or climates where bugs and insect can be a nuisance.

*Tip: Shelter provides extended life by protecting your jacuzzi from the elements

hot tub on deck

Always cover your jacuzzi hot tub to keep it clean and protected.


inflatable hot tub





An alternative to expensive and permanent jacuzzi hot tubs is the inflatable jacuzzi tub. These tubs don't have to be an eyesore. This inflatable hot tub has a small built-in wooden seat that frames the tub beautifully and really incorporates it into the backyard landscape.







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hot tub in pool

If you are planning on building a pool, don't forget the built in hot tub! Not only does it add style to pool area but the cascading waterfall creates a relaxing environment for pool parties or the after work soak.




hot tub waterfall in pool

This is another example of a built-it hot tub with cascading waterfall. The raised bench allows for easier access for those who have trouble climbing up or down into a ground level hot tub. The bench also makes a great seat to cool off during a long soak.

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