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Ideas: Landscaping Photos

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Landscaping Design Photos & Ideas

Beautiful landscaping helps us enjoy our own little peice of this world. Whether you have an expansive backyard or a small townhome garden, you can create a beautiful landscape and start enjoying nature now! Once you browse this picture portfolio of landscaping ideas you can then find a great local contractor on to get professional design price quotes and excellent selection of waterwise plants and hardscape paradise!


landscape design garden pond image 1

This landscape design created a peaceful private garden with a small fountain pond. If you enjoy the outdoors but don't have the time to maintain lots of landscaping, a small private garden area might be just what you are looking for.

autumn garden fountain

Beautiful Autumn leaves are the perfect backdrop for this large circular fountain. If you have a large lot, planting large trees, native shrubs and plants can break up the space a create a great space for entertaining.



landscaping rock patio and path image2

Incorporating sitting areas to enjoy the outdoors is also an essential landscape design factor. This rock patio area for gathering and pathways surround by beautiful landscaping enables you to enjoy the outdoors in comfort.

landscape design bench image3

Benches are a great addition to any landscaping project. Good design enables seclusion to sit and enjoy peaceful alone moments or to chat with a friend.

landscaping path image4




Have a traditional patio in your backyard? Don't battle with the high traffic spots on your lawn, add a path off your patio to other parts of you yard. Paths also double very naturally as enclosures to capture flower gardens.






landscape lighting around pool

Have a pool in your backyard or thinking about one? Landscape lighting can turn your pool into a soothing scene to enjoy, even when you're not in the pool, making it a perfect backdrop for evening entertaining.


large landscape pond image5

If you have a larger property to landscape, a pond element can be utilized. This large pond with rocky waterfall and native plants creates a literal oasis in your backyard.



front entryway landscaping image6



Accent your entryway with shapely bushes vs. ordinary bushes. These bushes require regular prunings to maintain their spiral shape, but the added class is well worth the effort. If you already have a lawn maintenance service they should be able to prune these easily without increasing your cost much.






front yard landscaping

Looking for something creative to make your entryway grand and spruce up the front yard? This beautiful landscaping is rather simple but creates a unique look for the front yard. By taking the traditional sidewalk up to the front door and making it wider with an oasis in the middle for a small bird bath, the front yard is transformed.


landscape design tree image7landscaping tree image8

Add color anytime of year! When planning your landscape design, consider using trees that bloom in the early spring before many other plants have bloomed and use trees that provide beautiful color in the fall. A good landscaping contractor can help you with your selections to ensure your landscape is colorful for most of the year.

landscaping roses image9

Another consideration when planting is, How much time do you want to spend? Roses are beautiful, but they do require care and feeding. If you enjoy gardening they may be the perfect selection, but if you prefer to enjoy the outdoors without all the work. Consider using a well planned perennial flower bed that will come back year after year with very little effort on your part.