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Decks and Patios: Backyard Deck Photos and Ideas

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Decks and Patios

Decks and Patios are a way for us to enjoy the outdoors in comfort. From front porch patios to backyard decks, the choices of materials (wood, composite, natural stone, stamped concrete and more) can be overwhelming. Once you browse this picture portfolio for deck and patio ideas, Find a great local contractor on to help make your outdoor living space comfortable and functional!

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Stone, Concrete & Brick Patios

decks and patios stone image 1

Stone is an excellent patio material for it's durability an aesthetic appeal. When creating your patio space remember to take into account the cost of maintenance and your time when selecting the materials. Although stone will cost more upfront, depending on the type of deck or patio you are looking for, it may be your best option.


decks and patios brick image 2


Varying colors of Brick can create designer patterns for your backyard patio. Brick is also very durable to the elements and low maintenance. Brick is not expensive, but the labor involved in installation is. It is important to make sure your professional contractor is experienced in brick work patios. Ensuring your patio is level, that there are no cracks between the bricks and that the underlayment beneath the bricks is adequate will prevent lots of work in the future when weeds growing up through your patio can become a problem.



decks and patios decorative concrete image 3

The patio material of choice for so many homeowners has become decorative or stamped concrete. Decorative or Stamped concrete gives your patio the look of natural stone without the cost and it is durable.


decks and patios concrete with firepit image 4

This patio is plain concrete, but is dressed up with a short rock wall seperating the patio from the rest of the yard. Although this patio is small, there is plenty of space for a fire pit, just inside the rock wall and two chairs. An important consideration when planning your deck or patio is, what will you use this space for and how often. If you plan on entertaining often, then this small patio wouldn't be sufficient, but if you plan on just using your patio for romantic evening by the fire pit, then this patio is perfect!

Wooden & Composite Backyard Decks

backyard decks and patios composite image 5

Composite decks are becoming more and more popular as homeowners have less time for maintenance but still want the look of a wooden deck. Composites come in many colors and some of their benefits are: low deck maintenance, no splitters and long life.




decks and patios wooden bench image 6

This older wooden deck gives you a great example of how you can utilize your deck space to create more seating. Instead of building a railing around your deck consider benchs that serve as railing and seating. This is a great idea if you plan on using your deck to entertain lots of people!


wooden privacy deck image 7

This home has almost every kind of deck imaginable. The lower back deck is actually a screened in porch letting you enjoy the outdoors without the bugs. The upper deck on the side of the house is a privacy deck with the only acess being through the master bedroom. This gives a little peice and quiet to those relaxing moments spent outside just to unwind.


wooden deck second story image 8

If you have a multi-story house, consider an upper deck as well. One of the best things about two-story decks are the views.


backyard wooden deck raised image 9

Have an sloping lawn? Raised decks help even out your outdoor living areas. And the unsightly bottom side of your raised backyard deck can be covered with great landscaping.

Front Porch Patios

front porch patio tile image 10


The front porch patio is an extension of your entryway and extra care should be taken when selecting materials and furniture to ensure it coveys the same style as the interior of your home.



front porch patio stone image 11

Rock work patios are timeless and can compliment almost any style of house. Also, notice the beams holding up the porch cover match the architecture of the doorways, completing the look of the home.


garden patio image 12


Don't forget plants are intregral part of any deck or patio project. Consider accessorizing your patio or deck with a bird bath, bird feeders and lots of plants. Plants will help keep the area cooler and brighten it with colorful blooms.