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Homes are vulnerable to all kinds of pests - which include insects, rodents and small animals. They are a nuisance in any home - not only are they an annoyance, they are a formidable hazard to healthy living, as they can cause a host of diseases and even damage property. The average bug spray and ointment are good options, but they cannot suffice for large-scale projects - precisely where one needs professional pest control services. Pest control can also be used as a preventative measure, since pests such as termites and ants can easily be missed - up until the point where they cause major damage to a residential property.

Pest control services begin with a thorough inspection of the residence to find both the damage currently caused by pests and places that are vulnerable to them. A customized treatment plan is then made - usually using a combination of environment-friendly pesticides and sprays, traps and baits to drive away existing pests. Other measures, such as the sealing of gaps and cleanup of hard-to-reach spaces like vents and crawl spaces may be included to minimize any infestations in the future. Throughout the process, safety is paramount - making sure that the chemicals used do not damage the property or its occupants, and also that the occupants themselves remain safe and healthy. BizziBid.com is dedicated to finding the best pest control contractors throughout Rochester, Minnesota and across the United States.

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