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If you’ve lived in AZ long, you know how hot it can get during the summer. Those sweltering summer days make you run inside to enjoy the comfort of your air conditioned home. That is, if your air conditioning system is working properly. You can’t afford to live without a properly function air conditioner in Arizona.

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That’s why it’s crucial to have an HVAC contractor in Arizona available to help you with all of your cooling repair and replacement needs. An experienced HVAC technician can handle everything from ductwork repair to air conditioning installation. They can even make sure your heating system is working for when winter rolls around.

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But finding a contractor you can trust can be a challenging task. You want to make sure the job is getting done right the first time so that you’re not wasting money. That’s why we created BizziBid, an online contractor referral service. With BizziBid, you can be matched with the top HVAC contractors in Arizona. All you need to do is complete the short form on our website to receive free quotes from the best HVAC technicians in your area. Just choose the quote that best fits your budget, and you’ll soon have a nice, cool home to protect you from those hot AZ days.

The Average Cost of a New HVAC Unit in Arizona

Arizona residents know how vital it is to have a quality air conditioning system in good working order. Scorching heat is the norm in most parts of Arizona throughout most of the year, and cold desert winters require quality heating systems. Homeowners who are looking to save money over time would do well to consider installing a new system because newer models are much more energy-efficient and reliable. If you are in the market for a heating, ventilation, and air conditioning or HVAC unit, it is good to have an idea of how much it may cost. The basic components of an HVAC unit are as follows:

  • Air Conditioner:

    This unit is placed outside the home and uses electricity to power a compressor which pumps air through coils containing a coolant. Central air conditioners take cool air to all parts of the building.
  • Furnace:

    The furnace is housed indoors in a basement or closet and is supplied with natural gas or oil. The furnace operates much the same way as an air conditioner, except it heat the air instead of cooling it.
  • Ductwork:

    The HVAC unit distributes the warm or cool air to each room through a network of ducts that run behind the walls, under floors, or over ceilings.
  • Thermostat:

    The thermostat controls the HVAC components, regulating their operation. The units can be programmed to turn on automatically to maintain a set temperature or the thermostat can be set manually.

The price of the components along with the cost of installation will determine the overall cost of the system. Because of the number of variables involved, estimating the cost of a new HVAC unit can be a complicated task. The following is a list of other factors that must be considered when calculating the cost of installing an HVAC system:

  • The square footage of the house or building and its layout;
  • Whether the HVAC system will be a replacement unit or an initial installation;
  • Whether the homeowner wants the basics or all the "bells and whistles;"
  • The unit's size, brand, efficiency level;
  • The local climate;
  • The number of windows in the home;
  • The amount and quality of the insulation in the home;
  • The installation fee.

Despite these variables, however, there are standard price ranges in place. For a 1,000-square-foot home, you can expect to pay anywhere from $6,000 to $12,000 or more for a completely new HVAC system. For central air conditioner alone, the price ranges from $3,000 to more than $5,000 for a 2,000-square-foot home. The average overall cost for a complete central air conditioning system in Phoenix is $6,000, with the extremes being as low as $4,000 or as high as $10,000. The price will be less if you have components such as ductwork already installed in your home. On the other hand, if the layout of your home is complex or the size is unusually large, the price could rise significantly. Most contractors will give a free estimate based the specifications of your home, factoring in considerations such as those listed above.

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