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Are you ready to give your kitchen a whole new look?  Hundreds of California homeowners remodel their kitchens every year.  Kitchen remodeling is a great way to build a completely new custom cooking space for you to enjoy.  Just about every aspect is customizable, from cabinets and countertops to hardware, appliances, flooring, paint, tile work and everything in between!  Kitchen renovation projects are one of the biggest home improvement projects you can tackle, not to mention one of the most expensive.  This means you need to be sure you have a reliable and highly skilled kitchen remodeling contractor working on your next job.  So find the right one and give yourself the peace of mind you deserve on such a large and usually costly project.

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Here at BizziBid we know that there are more than a few so-called remodeling “experts” in California (CA) to choose from.  That’s why we have created our easy to use online contractor referral service.  All you have to do is fill out the short form on this page and we will match you with up to four of your area’s absolute best kitchen remodeling and renovation contractors.  You can compare their completely free estimates as well as expert advice.  It’s that simple and easy, so find the right kitchen contractor to guide you through the entire design and build process of your next home improvement project!

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Transform Your Kitchen with an Affordable Makeover

Once you have your focus on utility and beauty, you can get really creative with how you want your kitchen to look. Today’s most beautiful kitchens add drama with contrast or go for a breathtaking natural palette that calms the senses using earth tones. The one thing that both types of kitchens have in common is their use of natural decorator touches like ceramic tiles, wood cabinets and ceramic and wood floors.

Here’s a step-by-step walk through that can organize your kitchen, give it a dramatic look and save space on a variety of budgets. Depending on your particular tastes, you may want to alter the color choices and some of the cabinet details, but the original idea is a good blueprint to use to remodel your own kitchen.

We’re going to start with a kitchen that is built on an open right angle design that has two side open and two sides closed. This is a really versatile kitchen to start with, and most homes come with kitchens like this one. To begin with, you want to place a kitchen island where your breakfast nook is currently situated if you have a long and narrow kitchen. If you have a wide kitchen, you have room to place your island in the middle.

With that move, you have eliminated the need for your breakfast table and opened your kitchen up considerably. Your island and your windows will provide the focal points for your kitchen and will serve as a balance for your design. For the cabinet work on your island, be sure you leave plenty of open area for chairs and dining.

Now for the fun part. Depending on whether you like bright and cheery kitchens or deeper wood tones and darker colors will dictate where you go with your choices of countertops, backsplashes and flooring. For our example, we’ll go with a lot of wood tones and earth tones for a rich effect on a budget. If you have a really small budget, you can go with faux granite and faux ceramic tiles that give the effect of granite and ceramic, but for our purposes, we’ll use the real thing.

A color combination that works great with the new stainless steel appliances is a granite countertop that strikes a nice balance between black and grey. It has a nice salt and pepper appearance that is not too bland or too black. This goes on all your counters and also on top of your island. If you want to add contrast, you can put black granite on your island or use it throughout the kitchen, and it will still look great.

Now, here’s the best part. You can find some fantastic glazed or unglazed ceramic tiles at a great price that will contrast with your granite countertops and add a bit of warmth to the kitchen. This particular tile is popular and mixes tan and grey tiles together. For the best look, you’ll want to get a pattern that clearly distinguishes between the tan and the grey, not one that blends too closely or the drama is erased. Use a smaller pattern on all the lower walls in your kitchen and find a larger pattern in the same colors for your floor.

To complement your floors and countertops, choose cabinets in a nice cherry finish. You can go old world with the cabinet doors by choosing more detail on the doors or select a simple inset square with brushed nickel hardware pulls. This will complement your stainless steel appliances. As mentioned earlier, the appliances for this kind of kitchen should be stainless steel, but black appliances also complement it very well. A stainless steel range hood works best with this design.

For your kitchen paint color, you can choose from a range of colors from dark beige, deep sand to olive tones and even orange or rust if you want to experiment with colors that bring out the wood tones.

Hopefully, this has helped you to imagine your new kitchen and will encourage you to get creative with how today’s new decorator materials can beautify and add value to your home.

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