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A fresh coat of paint can give any home or business a great new look.  The same thing applies to an interior room.  A good paint job allows you to set the tone of a room as well as cover up old problems.  While any do-it-yourselfer can simple slap some new paint on their home the outcome is going to be far from ideal.  Skilled professional painters take the time to do the job right, not to mention they have the experience necessary for the job.  Proper scraping, sanding, caulking, wood replacement and priming are all needed if you want your paint to actually last.  Be sure you use a skilled, local California (CA) painting contactor to help you with all of your interior and exterior painting needs.

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Here at BizziBid we have set up an easy to use online contractor referral service, which is designed to help you find the right painter for your next project.  We will match you with up to four residential or commercial painting contractors based on your needs, all of which are more than happy to give you completely free estimates on all of their services.  All you have to do is fill out the short form on this page and we’ll get you started.  It’s just that easy, so compare free quotes from the best California painting contractors in your area and save big on your next home improvement project!

Trendy Panting Ideas for California Homes

Painting homes without hiring professionals always works in favor of the home owner. Other than cost which is the most common benefit, self painting allows the home owner to meet the exact expectations of the final painting outcome. The owner is also free to alter the paintings in the home once in a while, incorporating a new technique, pattern or color theme for each new attempt.

Colors are key players in any interior design setting as they create the mood in a room. When painting home, playing around with colors is an adventurous attempt that results to a unique as well as captivating look in a room. Blue rooms portray serenity and tranquility. Red color on the walls reflects dynamism and gives an energetic effect. All colors in the spectrum create a different effect; white and black have additional roles other than affecting the mood. White color is used for creating shades whereas black produces tints. Tinted colors are best for areas with very little sunlight while shades display a better effect when painted on walls with exposure to sunlight. Tinted colors would suite most of the interior settings in California because the area experiences very sunny weather conditions. Playing around with color schemes can produce incredible results too. Monochromatic color schemes are less dramatic since most colors rhyme harmoniously with shades of their own, and therefore appeal most in bedrooms. The crazy color schemes suite kitchens most although they also look quite okay in living rooms.

The spontaneity of this color scheme brings life into the painted room. Other than creating a peaceful appearance, white colors on walls make interior decor flexible. One can play around with the alteration of the colors on furniture and equipment in the house to create different look every now and then.

The techniques that can be applied when painting are very many; crackle and rolling-rag paint techniques are good examples. The crackle painting technique involves creating both large and small cracks on the top coat painting in order to let the base coat show. This technique requires the use of a highly contrasting base coat that will show through the cracks. Rag-rolling technique on the other hand is best for a dramatic look. This technique involves using a different top coat from the base color, and also gives room for additional different top colors. The crinkle paper painting technique is the most interesting of them all. After applying a basecoat, paper is place on the wall before it dries up. Smoothing the paper on the wall with bare hands is necessary incase the paper does not lie appropriately on the wall. Using a rolling brush, a top coat is then added to complete the process. This technique not only modifies the appearance, but also creates a totally different texture on the walls.

Using textured paint is the easiest way of altering the texture on walls. Depending on the desired effect, choice is made on the best paint to use. Paint with granite crystals or sandstone paint for instance, creates a sandy or glittery effect. Venetian plaster is the best option for contoured swirls. Working with textured paint can be very difficult although the final result is always marvelous. For a smooth feel on the walls, smooth paints are used together with a carefully done application procedure. Textured paints are better when it comes to painting old or outdoor walls. These walls more often than not have cracks that first need to be filled if smooth paints are to be used.

Adding patterns on paintings add details to a room preventing it from looking plain and boring. Colors create an effect on the painted rooms while textures on the walls make them stand out. It is very easy to play around with the interior setting in homes; the main emphasis however should be laid on the functionality of the room. The painted walls should look attractive as well as rhyme with the function of the room.

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