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Are you looking to repair or replace the siding on your California (CA) home?  Siding is an important part of the defense system of your home.  Protecting its vulnerable interior systems and framework from water damage, siding looses it’s strength when small problems and leaks occur.  The second you notice a problem with your homes aluminum, vinyl, stucco or wood siding you should consult a local siding contractor about the situation.  They will be able to properly inspect your siding issue and discuss possible repair, replacement and installation solutions with you.

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The Average Energy Savings A California Homeowner Can Expect from Adding New Siding to their Home

California homeowners take pride in their homes. Over time, a home needs to be maintained so it is aesthetically pleasing and also more energy efficient. Choosing to install new siding has many benefits. It will refresh the look of your home, give it curb appeal, and will also make your home more energy efficient. Choosing to go the green route can save you a large sum of money over time. While you will need to make an initial investment, the investment will pay for itself in the long-term. Find out just how much you can expect to save on your energy bills when you have new siding installed and make a wise investment.

Weighing the Costs and the Benefits of Installing New Siding

Any type of home renovation is going to cost money. The wise homeowners who are planning on renovating their home will weigh the costs and the benefits before they decide to proceed with any type of project. The cost of siding may vary depending on the material you choose and the company you choose to perform the siding installation. The cost to install vinyl siding may cost between $2 and $12 per square foot. This means that when installing vinyl siding in a 1500 square foot home, the cost can range between $3000 and $18,000. While this sounds high, you are sure to save on your energy bills for the years to come.

How Much Can You Save on Your California Energy Bills?

Before you assume that the project is too expensive to take on, you need to find out just how much money you are going to save. If you plan on reselling the property in the near future, new siding installation can add as much as 20% to your home's resale value. If you plan on staying in the home for years to come, the value will come in energy savings. New siding will save you all year long. This means that during Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter, you will feel comfortable in your home without running your heater and air conditioner during all hours of the day.

Insulated siding can increase the energy efficiency of your home up to 20 percent. Insulated siding products will reduce heat loss by as much ad 40 percent during cooler months. During the summer, the siding will keep the heat out and the cool air in by preventing warm air from seeping through your walls. In just one year, you could save as much as $800 on your heating bills and $400 on your cooling bills. If you have an electric HVAC system, you may save as much as $2700 off of your heating and $1075 off of your cooling. Add up the savings and you can see why so many people are choosing more energy efficient siding.

How the Amounts May Differ

You have to consider several different factors when you are trying to determine just how much you can save with insulated siding products. Some of the factors that may affect your energy savings include the side of your home, the age of your home, and the type of heating and cooling system used throughout. Individuals with electric systems have reported higher savings. Individuals with gas systems still save as much as 40 percent.

Improving the look of your home is not the only thing that vinyl siding will do for you. New siding will also make your home easier to maintain and will reduce your monthly bills for up to 30 years. Add up the savings and compare the cost of installation to these savings and you can easily make the right decision. You will find that over time, you will save thousands of dollars while you also turn your home into an energy efficient property with a smaller carbon footprint for the planet.

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