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Bathroom Remodeling Contractors in Washington (WA)

Have you recently looked into your bathroom and felt like you’ve slipped away into the past? If so, you may be feeling like it’s time to remodel. Remodeling your home’s bathroom can be a smoothly transitioned change if you know where to look for quality local Washington (WA) contractors who are skilled at undertaking bathroom renovations that don’t disrupt your entire home. This is especially the case if your home has a main bathroom that is being remodeled but is also often needed.

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Any bathroom remodeling, renovation or construction requires skill. It doesn’t matter if you’re simply replacing a vanity or doing a major renovation of shower, Jacuzzi tub and tile, you want to know that your project is done right and will last. Bizzibid has many of Washington’s best contractors available to help you. All you need to do is visit our web site and select a local contractor to come out and take a look at your bathroom. You can be sure to be making a choice from the brightest and most experienced contractors who can give you a quote and start on your project right away if that’s your choice to do so.

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Popular Bathroom Remodeling Design Ideas Washington State

Some popular bathroom remodeling designs in Washington State include cozy jettubs for warming up on winter nights, and energy-saving features that also save money. Structurally, the use of cedar wood for doors, and carpeting for extra insulation against winter cold are commonplace in Washington. Most homes in the Evergreen State are built of wood, so incorporating woodsy design elements, like earth-toned cabinetry and counters makes good aesthetic sense. Like other states trying to go green, Washingtonians are "going 21st century", as well as taking advantage of tax credits for outfitting homes with energy and water-saving features.

These include:

Low gallon-per-flush toilets
Water-conserving showerheads and faucets
Energy-conserving lighting and light fixtures
Tankless water heaters
Hot water demand pumps

Bathroom remodeling designs can vary from state to state, and usually pertain to climatic and building materials issues. Most homes in the desert southwest are made of adobe and concrete brick because of the scarcity of wood; conversely, in the northern, more wooded states, cedar, pinewood, and other lumber make up the majority of home structure materials. Climate dictates that in the northern half of the country, insulation is a key factor as well. Bathrooms in WA State also tend to have double-paned storm glass windows, for further guarding against the elements, such as rain, snow, and sleet. Faulty heating elements can make a shower on a winter's morning quite unpleasant in the north, so making sure water heaters are up-to-date with highly efficient and effective elements always sweeten the deal.

You've seen some more of the practical design ideas, but what about aesthetic concerns for remodeling Washingtonians? Those with the budget and wherewithal to do so are thinking big when it comes to there dream bathrooms. Though the average bathroom size is merely 5 x 7 feet, master baths are mostly getting the master treatment, with marble countertops, jet tubs, more cabinetry, vanities, double sinks, and more. Also popular are things like rain forest shower heads, safety features for the elderly such as hand holds and walk-in tubs, skylighting, track lighting, and other modern design features that lend great atmosphere to a part of the house that was once seen as purely utilitarian, but now as quite livable.

Washingtonians also like to accentuate their livable bathroom spaces with wallpaper, art, and items that reflect their outside environment. Bringing the outdoors in shows pride in the region you live in, so expect to see pictures or paintings of Cascade mountains, evergreen trees, wildlife indigenous to Washington, as well as live plants found in the Pacific Northwest. Dimmer light switches for romantic effect are also quite popular in the bathrooms of Evergreen State homeowners. The bottom line for those doing bathroom remodeling in Washington State is attention to factors such as cold winters, energy-saving and water-saving features, extra insulation in walls and roofs, and aesthetic accents that highlight geographically-friendly color patterns.

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