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Building a deck or a patio onto your home is a great way to expand your living space. A well crafted deck will allow you to enjoy fine outdoor living from the comfort of your home. The only way to ensure your deck or patio is safe and suitable for your family is to have a skilled contractor work on it.

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An expert deck installation will give you the peace of mind to know you can sit back and enjoy MD nature without your backyard deck or patio falling apart. Consult with a deck contractor today who has the experience necessary to install decks and patios in Maryland.

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It doesn’t matter if you want a screened porch or composite decks, the BizziBid directory can help you find the right deck and patio contractor for your unique project. Our directory contains information about the best deck installation contractors who regularly install decks and patios in Maryland. All you have to do is fill out our short form below, and we will connect you with up to four qualified installation experts in your community. Get started on your decking project today!

Composite Versus Wood Decking; Things to Consider When You Live in Maryland

Composite decking is made up of synthetic materials and wood. It is designed to look just like wood and holds up very well in almost any weather conditions. On the other hand, real wood decking has many appealing qualities and can also be an excellent choice. There are many benefits to both types of deck-building materials and some drawbacks as well. Other materials, like plastics, can be used for building decks, too, and they have their own unique characteristics.

First, let's take a look at wood decking. Real wood has been the standard for building decks for many years. It is a renewable resource, can be very inexpensive and has an appealing appearance. In fact, most alternative deck materials are made to resemble it. Some people prefer wood because it just feels real and has character. It even has its own unique and pleasant odor. Some of the softer woods, such as pine, are very durable but are very inexpensive.

Wood has some drawbacks that should be considered. When exposed to the elements, wood can degrade, weaken and rot over time. Most wood has to be pressure treated with chemicals if it is to last. Insects can be another challenge to the owner of a wood deck. Carpenter bees, for example, like to burrow in real wood decking and can cause a lot of damage. The color of wood tends to change with wear, but this is not often a real issue. Finally, wood is subject to splitting, splintering and cracking over time, which can mean that costly repairs are necessary. Woods that do not have to be treated, such as cedar, can also be very expensive.

Composite decking is made up of synthetic material, such as plastic, mixed with wood particles. The plastic is often recycled, which makes it a good environmental choice. Composite deck material is made by a process of compression, which gives it a great deal of strength. It can often last much longer than real wood and usually requires less maintenance. Some manufacturers offer long-lasting warranties against any cracking, splitting, splinters or other natural damage. Many times, it is made to look just like wood, so it has the same sort of visual appeal.

This type of deck material has its downside, too. Sometimes, composite decking has an unnatural appearance, especially the color. If it has a high ratio of plastic, it can look too much like plastic. In addition, composite decking is sometimes not available in the correct lengths used for the typical joist spacing of most construction, which could mean having to build differently in order to conform to the lengths of the composite lumber. If trimming is necessary, the shavings will not be biodegradable, so should not be left on the ground like regular sawdust. Composite decking can sometimes warp, become stained or faded, and can even rot. Some people have even had problems with mildew and slipperiness.

To get the best composite decking, it may mean paying, as with the better wood decking. This, however, could result in many years of very low maintenance enjoyment and durability.

Other types of synthetic decking are available, such as man-made plastic materials and even aluminum. Some is made from PVC and does not usually behave much like natural wood or composite materials. One drawback to PVC decking material is that it can be slippery when wet and can become brittle over time. Other plastic decking made from recycled plastics can be used making it an environmentally-friendly choice. Aluminum, while not common, can also be used for building a deck. It is an expensive option but with aluminum, there are not problems with discoloration, mold, splintering or cracking, rotting or even rusting. It does not get brittle from being exposed to extreme cold, and often has a non-slip surface.

In the end, it is important to consider the weather conditions the deck will be exposed to, the types of insects present in the area and the amount of use the deck will need to hold up to. A deck can be a great asset to any home, because it offers a little extra space and a nice place to gather and enjoy good weather.

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