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Your home’s siding plays an important roll in protecting the rest of your home from the harmful effects of the weather.  Siding is also a key part of your home’s insulation system, which helps to reduce the amount of energy you use.  Even the best wood, aluminum or vinyl siding will at some point begin to fail.  Small problems with your siding can lead to major issues with the rest of your home’s internal systems as well as continue to lead to siding failure.  It’s key to check your home’s siding on a regular basis to spot this issues as quickly as possible.  Once noticed, it’s important to contact a local siding installation contractor to help discuss all your options with you.  You can then begin your siding repair, replacement or installation project.

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Here at BizziBid we know that there a more than a few siding contractors throughout Maryland (MD), which means it can be difficult to be sure you’ve picked the right contractor for your next project.  Luckily, we have created an easy to use online contractor referral service to help you find the perfect siding contractor.  We will match you with up to four of your area’s best Maryland siding repair and replacement professionals to ensure you receive the high quality service and craftsmanship you deserve.  Just fill out the short form on this page and we’ll get you started.  Compare free estimates from up to four of the best Maryland siding replacement and repair contractors and save big on your next home improvement project!

The Average Energy Savings that New Siding Brings to a Home in Maryland

Modern construction technology is more energy efficient than ever, and Maryland homeowners can rely on today’s products to lower energy costs. Several products are on the market. Insulating boards are readily available and can easily be installed between a home and the exterior siding.

Most homes in Maryland are built on the platform-framing model. This relies on the use of studs that are spaced every 16 inches in the wall. The studs create a thermal bridge and actually allow hot and cold air to escape a home. Estimates suggest that thermal bridging accounts for 25 percent of wall area. This means that homes have one full wall without any insulation. Installing new siding is a great way to address this issue, and the savings can be dramatic for Maryland homeowners.

The particular savings depend on the type of material that is installed. Today’s construction materials are designed to maximize energy efficiency, and they have incredibly high R-values. Installing new insulation board behind siding is one great way to reduce utility expenses. The savings associated with insulation panels can be high. In addition, insulated vinyl siding can be installed. These products are made in one piece and reduce installation expenses. Today’s product can boost the R-value of a home by as much as 20 percent. This basically means that a home becomes 20 percent more energy efficient. The savings will quickly add up, and it is possible for Maryland residents to cut nearly 20 percent from utility bills. For an average home, the savings can be as much as $40 per month. This is just an average and is based on a utility bill that is $200 per month.

*Insulated Vinyl Siding
Insulated vinyl siding is Energy Star certified and adds to the home’s efficiency. In traditional construction approaches, exterior walls have insulation that is installed between individual studs. The exterior wall studs are located as close as 16-inches apart and create holes in the insulation. Addressing this issue with insulated vinyl siding is a great way to cut down on expenses. Insulated siding blankets an entire wall and ensures minimal heat gain or loss.

*Case Study
The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) has instituted a study on the issue of energy efficiency, and they hired an independent research company to study the benefits of insulated siding. Maryland and New York are in a similar climactic zone, and the study positively correlates with conditions in the Old Line State. The study was conducted on a home in Burnt Hills, New York. On the south side of the home, the walls were insulated with insulated siding and cement siding. The firm found that the home could save significantly on energy and natural gas costs with the insulated vinyl siding. The study found that annual savings could be has much as $56.

Maryland homeowners can boost energy efficiency and cut down on carbon footprints with energy efficient siding. There are several things to consider, and most homes are built with stud walls. Studs are commonly used in Maryland homes. They work great, but there is a problem. Because there is a piece of wood nearly every foot, the exterior wall has a thermal bridge. Adding insulated vinyl siding reduces heat loss and removes the thermal bridge. The siding features an insulating panel that boosts the home’s R-value. In addition, contractors can install insulation panels behind siding to maximize energy efficiency.

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